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On the ninth of Mexico SIAR, Bulgari Bulgari Papillon brought its series of two new masterpiece: Papillon Tourbillon Central Central Tourbillon and Papillon Heure Sautante hopping watch.

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Inspired by the brand’s original “Butterfly” system from the Monarch butterfly flying way: the microscopic world of the nomadic life of the most prominent examples. Each year, these colorful little creatures in the entire American continent to be a wonderful journey that will promote large-scale migration to an unprecedented level. As Monarch butterfly flapping its wings like a unique track passing, carrying the “Butterfly” two independent systems support disk can be freely retractable diamond pointer. Two pointer alternately run on 180-degree semicircle minute dial, and have indicators minutes. The first one is located above the arc pointer dial, the minutes advance; in this case, the second gold pointer remains “standby” retracted state, that is, when the rotary disc support bearing pointers, pointers throughout the second gold is hidden. When the first one pointer reaches the 55th minute another bomb pointer then flick a quarter of an hour, with the first one at the same time reach 00 minutes pointer index. After the first one pointer enters the “standby” retracted state, 55 minutes indicating the next job is completed by the second gold pointer.

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Compared with the traditional minute instructions, “Butterfly” system more economical power, power storage function and therefore be raised. The mechanism has a patented technology, structure complex, unique, and can be combined with a lot of information and functions is displayed. Bulgari Bulgari watch hopping Papillon Heure Sautante in the most simple way to display the time, displayed with a jump, through the “Butterfly” mechanism for the minutes, and the central pointer seconds.

Bulgari Bulgari Papillon Tourbillon Central Central Tourbillon unique and precious. In its central position rose gold or platinum case, the placement of a high precision tourbillon movement. Watchmaker In the same manner diamonds in jewelry center. The entire watch has clear lines, symmetry axis, and as architectural art like precision dial design, increasingly highlights the Bulgari Bulgari position in the highly competitive level complex features watchmaking field. Skillfully holds the core watchmaking, which are reflected in Bulgari Bulgari range of contemporary works.

When Papillon Heure Sautante long jump watch the launch of two rose gold and platinum watches; and Papillon Tourbillon Central Central Tourbillon will launch a limited edition rose gold and platinum.

In the debut of two new watch masterpieces Mexico International Watch Fair reaffirms the importance of the market for the brand. Watches director Guido Terreni stated, “In the SIAR first presented to the world Papillon Tourbillon Central Central Tourbillon, I feel very proud. This super complex function of the central flying tourbillon watch with the brand’s iconic” Butterfly “minutes display instructions and hop blend. We chose SIAR these exquisite timepieces to show the world as it could be in addition to the Geneva International Watch Fair and the Baselworld most professional international exhibition, on display watches new products will be available by the end of this year. “


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