Chinese actress Shu Qi and Bvlgari jewelry

52nd Taiwan Golden Horse Awards came to an end, the film “Assassin Nie” won five awards for best film and other become the biggest winner, Bvlgari spokesperson Greater female form, temperament actress Shu Qi wearing cheap Bvlgari jewelry rings and earrings now Body award ceremony , as the heroine of the film and all the creative share this award.

Shu Qi as its precise understanding: “I love the cheap Bvlgari jewelry because historical heritage gives it a unique and distinctive personality, Bvlgari works every piece of jewelry and watches have this trait or whether they are through diamonds shine through, or with colored stones gorgeous,. with their own way to tell us their stories. ”

Bvlgari and Shu Qi are all colorful, bold breakthrough, distinctive personality. Bvlgari good at colored gemstones, bold design to interpret the unique self, refined and varied. Time flies, Bvlgari best time to witness the Shu Qi, also concluded under a beautiful fate . Roman jewelry from family and Oriental beauty Shu Qi nurtured wonderful encounter, so that the beauty of the East-West blend of atmosphere, and burst out brilliantly.

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Shu Qi into the film more than a decade, has by virtue of his candor and sincerity, dedication and professionalism has won the recognition and love of the world, and won more than thirty film awards or nominations. And in 2015 she was nominated three times , Kinmen and Matsu, the time does not leave marks on her body, but she’s such a precious cheap Bvlgari jewelry is generally more refined polished, beautiful, mature confidence shining glory.

The final flash of the charm of the various qualities are fused together, become in the minds of the people, “Shu Qi” personal charm label imprint. As if cheap Bvlgari jewelry unique design with bold colors will be full of gems dolphin playing a unique and beautiful ornate masterpiece Pierre, stunning the world.