House of Bulgari Exhibition Hall


Cartier 18kt Yellow Gold LOVE Bangle with 4 Diamonds for Women

DOMVS “Bulgari“ is located in the recreation to mention Bulgari, 10th Avenueglobal flagship store on the second floor, it is the showroom, is also thedrawing room, storehouse of treasures are Bulgari, antique collector’sseries of dazzling Irene converge here, this is a wonderful space, livinghistory here vividly at present, brings new thinking to people today. In addition, DOMVS “Bulgari family“ exhibition will be held private exhibitionsof cultural events, performances and works of art. DOMVS Gallery is theexclusive private sites, access by appointment only.


Bulgari Anish Kapoor B.ZERO1 Ring in 18kt Yellow Gold and Steel,

Bulgari made in antique collector’s series covers decades of morethan 600 pieces of jewellery, watches and accessories Irene. In addition,also showed more than 600 copies of documents, old photographs,  making them skilled, save state–class is, in itself,valuable works of art. Antique collector’s series is dedicated toresearching and filing of results, many of them more than 20 years throughauctions or bought back from the private collection of products.

Bulgari B.ZERO1 Pendant with Chain in 18kt White Gold with Blue

Founder Sorio? Bulgari silver produced in the late 19th century opened theprelude of the antique collector’s series, followed by the highly finished curvilinear design of diamond jewelry, inspired by the art deco style. Evenin war, the shortage of gold 40, Bulgari‘s work is still dazzling. 560 pieces you already have and now we see signsof Bulgari style—a harmonious appearance, the magnificent gems and uniquecombination of bold color.

Antique collector’s series of course first with a snake-like wristwatch, Monete series, produced 70 treasures long necklaceand 80 short production Kaleidoscope necklace. Dazzling overflowing designwork and inspiration as a brilliant milky way, about Bulgari glory step bystep into the world‘s top jewelry brands in history.