If you only knew its bags and Hermes jewelry

Hermes H LOGO Ring in 18kt Pink Gold with White Enamel

Hermes, a familiar brand, if you only knew its bags and Hermes jewelry is more famous, then you are wrong, a classic elegant scarf is Hermes goods. It came from the princess of Monaco and a famous Hollywood actress grace. Hermes Birkin, Kelly’s favorite of a bag, so it become the classic products, for men, the attractiveness of the charm of Hermes silk tie, as the gravity of the earth, let you can not leave it. Since 1949, Hermes launched tie, dignitaries and members of the royal family and business CEO have become faithful followers of the Hermes ties.http://www.luxurylovejewellery.com/

Hermes Black H Logo Charm Necklace in 18kt Pink Gold

“For Hermes, tie is not a random selection of an item, your choice affects everything to you,” Hermes men’s Silk Sector creative director Christophe goineau said, “the silk sector is to customer demand and production quality products.”

Hermes "H" Logo Bracelet in 18kt Yellow Gold

Hermes ties is not an ordinary tie, Hermes tailor through years of research, will add a root loose line on the tie, the tie to the customer experience have very big promotion, more important is, even after repeated use, wear, as long as the regulation of the loose line, then this will tie will become as the, continue to perfect quality to accompany the customer to go forward, the witness of their growth.http://www.luxurylovejewellery.com/

With the progress of the society, Hermes pays more attention to customer requirements, Hermes to tie innovation, with a thickening of silk fabrics, the width of the tie also from the previous 9.1 cm reduced to 8 cm, everything is for men to provide more convenient. But for CEO, politicians and the Royal Hermes silk tie has been sought after by many men.


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